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Hi, my name is Carole Thurlow. I've worked as a Sports and Holistic Therapist since 2004.

My story starts back in 1983 when I was involved in a road traffic accident, in which my first husband and a friend were both killed. From that time I started to suffer with five day migraines, which continued for 10 years. The cause was eventually diagnosed as a whiplash injury to my neck. My doctor suggested seeing an osteopath and, although it was not a quick fix, my headaches were brought under control. Painkillers had never worked, but this "hands on" therapy was clearly the answer.

The second reason for my interest in massage therapy, was when my husband started to have headaches. He would ask me to massage his head, but each time I ended up finding a small "knot" below his right shoulder blade. We found if I massaged the knot it would ease off and his headache disappear. This fascinated me. Why should a knot in his back so far from his head be responsible for causing a headache?

When an opportunity arose to change my career path, I decided to go back to college to train as a Sports and Holistic Therapist.

I work in a downstairs purpose built room. If you would like to see if any of the therapies I do may help you, please give me a ring!



Carole Thurlow MICHT
(Member of the International Council for Holistic Therapists)
City and Guilds Diploma in Holistic Massage
V.T.C.T. Diploma in Sports Massage
Certificate in Hot Stones Massage
Certificate in Ear Candling
Competency Certificate The Dorn Method


I've had a massage recently by the lovely lady, Carole Thurlow, to date the best by far. Carole offers all types of massage and other therapies. I strongly recommend her, both for her good value and her knowledge.

Penny E NN3