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The Hot Stones Massage is a deeply soothing , relaxing specialty massage. It uses smooth, heated, volcanic stones (basalt), which absorb and retain heat well. The effect of the heat is to increase the circulation in the area being massaged, bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen, helping to remove waste products such as lactic acid.

What Happens During a Hot Stone Massage?

The stones are sanitized and heated up in water ½ hour before the client arrives. Traditional swedish massage strokes are used, while holding a heated stone in the palm of the hand. When the stone cools down it is replaced with another. It is said that a single massage stroke performed with a hot stone in the hand, is worth 5 strokes of a normal swedish massage.

Occasionally a stone may be placed in a specific point on your spine, or between your toes, while another part of your body is being massaged.

I have been having monthly Hot Stones Massages from Carole for over two years now. I find them very soothing on my leg, arm, shoulder and back muscles.The heat from the stones relaxes my muscles very quickly and eases all my aches and pains. I am in my mid-sixties and play badminton twice a week and tennis once a week. I believe that the Hot Stones Massages enable me to keep active and enjoy life now I'm retired. I thoroughly recommend Hot Stones Massage.

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