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Since I first qualified in 2004, I have had an increasing number of people coming to me complaining of pain in the neck and shoulders, and sometimes with the pain also travelling down one of the arms. I soon found the Indian Head Massage was not sufficient to ease off the muscular tension experienced by most of these people, and that most people preferred something rather deeper.

I started to develop a routine of massage for these people, which used various techniques that I had learned from my Indian Head, Swedish and Sports Massage training. As well as the deeper movements used in Swedish and Sports Massage, these techniques may also include stretches, Muscle Energy Techniques (MET's) and occasionally soft tissue release.

The actual massage may vary from person to person, depending on what is described during the consultation, and their own pain threshold. If during the consultation the client reports that pain is present in a part of the arm, the wrist or hand, then I alter the massage to include checking the muscles for tightness in the arm and changing the massage accordingly.


"I was having really bad neck pain everyday and for more than 6 months. I found Carole's website and decided to book an appointment, this was the best decision I made in years. Carole is amazing, I couldn't ask for better service, she is very friendly and a good professional. It made so much difference right in the first neck and shoulder massage session, it is relaxing and now part of my routine. I strongly recommend you visit Carole, her knowledge also helped to ease my sinus headaches which I am so grateful for the rest of my life."

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