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Sports and Remedial Massages are the deepest of the massage treatments that I offer. Performed in the salon they are suitable for anyone with demanding, physical occupations (builders, plumbers, gardeners, massage therapists, hairdressers etc), who frequently feel the strain certain muscles. The remedial massage may also suit someone who has suffered a muscular injury (after the first 48 hours). Both sports and remedial are very deep, and may involve particular techniques such as stretches, Muscle Energy Techniques, soft tissue release etc.

These massages should help to increase the blood circulation into the affected area(s), bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen, and help to wash away the build up of carbon dioxide or lactic acid. If a muscle has suffered an injury it is hoped the treatment will help speed up the recovery time. If, however, a muscle has become tight due to overuse or repetitive strain then an improvement is likely to be noticed more quickly!

Due to time restraints, sports and remedial massages are usually restricted to just the problem areas (i.e. the arm, leg, back etc) or the main muscle groups affected by a person's occupation or sport. In theory sports massage given on a regular basis should help keep the muscles in better condition, and may, therefore, help reduce both the frequency of injuries occurring, and the degree of the injury. It should also help the athlete obtain a better range of movement to the limbs, which will hopefully improve performance.

I first met Carole several years ago after I suffered a back injury at work. The injury was just below the shoulder blade and I was unable to return to work until it healed. After several days at home in extreme discomfort I booked in with Carole. She gave me a fantastic sports massage which helped ease the pain, and to speed up the healing process. She also took the time to advise me on stretching techniques and on what to do to help avoid further injuries (my job involved lifting heavy items).

From time to time I visit Carole whenever it feels I have been overworking my back, and I get sorted out and fit for work again. I'm pleased to say that over the years Carole has become a friend as well as my massage therapist.

Ian Fergie c/o 07846 301799

My name is Geraldine Wright and I live in Spain, travelling regularly to and from England. The first thing I do once I have booked my return flight to England is to ring Carole Thurlow my Holistic / Remedial Masseuse for an appointment for a treatment. So once my flight has landed, Thurlow Therapy in Northampton is my first port of call in order to have my many injuries and aches and pains sorted out. I had a bad whiplash injury some thirty years ago, and Carole is the first masseuse who understands my prolonged injury.

First of all we talk about how my back and neck have been since my last visit, then Carole discusses how she will commence.

Carole always commences the massage by warming up my muscles; she gently rubs my muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to my heart and then manipulates the soft tissues in my back. She tailors her massage to my needs, her movements have a very specific therapeutic effect, and this leads to the healing process, restoring functional integrity and adapting my back to good health. Her massage therapy goes beyond relaxation, it is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

I go out from her Therapy Clinic feeling completely out of pain and very relaxed. I cannot wait for my next visit in December.

Geraldine Wright 1st October 2014