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The Swedish Massage is one of the most popular styles of massage, and includes arms, legs and back. The Swedish massage is reasonably deep, and is used to help relieve both aches and pains caused by stiffness, and reduce stress by promoting a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

Benefits of Swedish Massage may include:-

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Back in the mid 1990's I had to have a deep operation at the top of my right shoulder, which resulted in my being in constant pain in that area. For years I tried going to the Doctor, to physiotherapists, chiropractors and to massage therapists to try to get relief from the constant pain I was in. In 2005, I decided to give Carole a try. She was a neighbour who had just qualified in Sports Massage.

Carole used a variety of techniques she had learned from both her Swedish and Sports training, and I did find a lot of relief from the pain right from the start. Carole thought that the cause of the pain may have been as a result of scar tissue in the muscle following the operation. I went to Carole on a weekly basis and the pain decreased until finally it went completely. What a relief!

I will be 80 next birthday, and find these days that I only have to go for a long walk, have a real go at the housework, or do my gardening, and some area of my body starts to complain. I still see Carole every fortnight and I know that the stiff muscles will get sorted. I would recommend Carole to anyone who suffers with muscular pain.

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